The Alameda County Guaranteed Ride Home Program
Insurance for Your Commute

Employers and employees can now complete their registration entirely on-line! This eliminates the need to mail or fax in any forms and makes it easier to enroll. To register your business in the Guaranteed Ride Home program, click here. Or if your company is already registered, go straight to the Employee Registration page.

REMINDER: ALL Alameda County employers are eligible for the Guaranteed Ride Home program regardless of company size!

The Alameda County CTC Guaranteed Ride Home Program does just what it says. It guarantees you a ride home from work when unexpected circumstances arise.

You can feel comfortable taking the bus, train or ferry, carpooling, vanpooling, walking, or bicycling to work, knowing that you will have a ride home in case of illness, family crisis, unscheduled overtime, or a missed rideshare trip.